Shaping the counselor’s Identity

Prespectives on a Transformative Profession
by Alessandra Benedetta Caporale
Including interview with Anthony Rose and Dominic Cirincione

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We are proud to offer to you the present work, ”Shaping the Counselor’s Identity: Perspectives on a Transformative Profession” by Alessandra Benedetta Caporale. The book includes interviews with Anthony Rose and Dominic Cirincione, co-founding members of CSP with Carl R. Rogers among others. This book, originally published in 2022 in Italy by Franco Angeli Editore, has been revised, translated, and is now available for digital download on our website.

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Why is there a need for a book dedicated to the role and identity of a counselor in a publishing landscape already brimming with related topics? The reason lies in the desire to delve deeper, to reach the heart of counseling, and to relate it to the intricate society in which we live. This society has a multitude of emerging needs that require varying degrees of guidance, support, and direction.

Who can effectively respond to these demands? Leveraging her two decades of experience, the author explores the distinctive aspects of a counselor’s role, describes the progression of the counseling process, and examines a method that has consistently provided practical tools for enhancing life’s quality over the years.

The philosophy that guides a counselor’s work is rooted in the belief that humans are bearers of resources, knowledge, will, and the ability to make choices. They are in constant interaction with others and the environment, essentially, beings capable of self-definition and self-determination.

This book is intended for those who are already practicing this profession but have an ongoing, healthy curiosity to understand its intricacies. It is for those attending counseling courses and shaping their professional identities, those intending to undertake counseling training and wish to gain a deeper understanding of this field, and other professionals engaged in various capacities in the provision of supportive relationships.

Alessandra Benedetta Caporale
is a counselor trainer and supervisor. She currently serves as the National President of AssoCounseling and is Co-Executive Director of the Center for Studies of the Person, La Jolla, California. Additionally, she is the Vice President and co-founder of Aicis – Promoting Empathic Communities. Caporale has been practicing as a counselor for approximately twenty years, during which time she has worked to foster renewed autonomy and responsibility in both individuals and wider systems. Her unwavering and determined commitment to the promotion and proliferation of counseling culture in Italy has been a consistent theme throughout her career. This text is a reflection of her extensive field experience and represents a natural progression in her professional journey.


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