Carl Rogers Memorial Library

The Carl Rogers Memorial Library is a public resource featuring works by Carl R. Rogers, his contemporaries, students, critics and colleagues, and people who continue in expansion and at least partial reference to the work that Carl Rogers initiated. Works by individuals affiliated with Center for Studies of the Person (CSP) form an important and unique perspective on Humanistic and Person-Centered Psychology.

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Ray Delagrave Smiling Headshot Image

Ray De Lagrave

Co-Director, Carl Rogers Annual Conference

“Truly a Masterpiece in Humanism!! Rogers was a pioneer for whom I have so much respect for extending the foundations of humanistic psychology. On Becoming A Person is a must read for anyone who wants to understand themselves and what it means to be authentically human.”

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Antonio Santos

Co-Director, Carl Rogers Annual Conference

“This book changed the way I think about life, living it, and other people. I’ve heard people describe Rogers’ philosophy like this: people are like flowers, and given the right environment, sunlight, water and nutrition, they will thrive.”