The flame of person-centered experience is not static, not frozen, it is a living, on-going, evolving thing. I am concerned with keeping the fire burning, alive. I want us to start a fire, a big fire. It’s all about those who are trying to keep the fire burning in their own way.

A man in a vest standing in front of bushes.

Ray De Lagrave
Co-Director, Carl Rogers Annual Conference

Rogers discovered some things that worked, then I began my own self discovery at that point when I read them. The fun of it is to discover the richness of the Person Centered Approach as it applies in my life. I see it as a beacon and guide that enables me to express myself.

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Antonio Santos
Co-Director, Carl Rogers Annual Conference

I don’t have to hold back—I can be and fully express who I am at any moment. I can be who I am, an experience that is very freeing—I am OK. It calls out the best in me—I am expressing the best that I am, and so are others. I can see and appreciate others in their full beauty and richness.

A woman smiling at the camera.

Jackie Hicks
Director, Education Transformations

I want to be alive now—that is important, it’s not about what I leave behind. This is the flame, the fire I want to be—that is more than just being myself. I get to discover, to go on my discovery path. I disarm myself enough to become aware of my experiencing body, mind, and soul.

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Carla Gerstein
VP Business Development, Education Transformations

One of the gifts that CSP has brought, and maybe the most precious, has been the opportunity to observe and learn from others who are facile in PCA. I feel very able to be who I really am—that I can say anything, that I am being who I really am and want to be.

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Keynan Hobbs
Clinical Nurse Specialist, PTSD Clinical Team, VA San Diego Healthcare System

It is a place with others where I can also hear who they are, who they want to be, where they want to go and what they would like to do, not in a judging mode. Treasuring and being with myself and others is a valuable and important experience not only for me but all around me as well.

A woman smiling at the camera.

Elizabeth Wepsic
Chair of Visual Arts, The Bishop’s School