Let us be creative and come together, immerse ourselves in a five-day continuing journey of an encounter group experience to learn and to grow.

“Persons travel side by side for years, each locked up in their own silence or exchanging those words which carry no freight – till danger comes. Then they stand shoulder to shoulder. They discover that they belong to the same family. They wax and bloom in the recognition of fellow beings. They look at one another and smile. They are like the prisoner set free who marvels at the immensity of the sea.”
– Antoine de St. Exupery

Successfully Encountered: La Jolla On-Line, February 2024

Adventure Yet to Come!

June 20 (evening) through June 24 (midday) 2024

IN PERSON, Devon, United Kingdom

An older man wearing glasses and a white shirt.

We need not cook-up a danger. Openness to personal change; being in moments without agenda for accomplishment; allowing for unexpected, emerging experiences; listening to our feelings and deeper truths and dreams in our interactions with each other — these are positive practices in personal attitudes that will help us become “a community in which every soft voice, every subtle feeling has its respected place” (Carl R Rogers)

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The La Jolla Program was founded in 1966, as part of American psychologist Carl Rogers’ work bringing discoveries from his approach in personal psychotherapy to a format fostering further social as well as individual growth. La Jolla Program staff facilitators arise from and continue that person-centered tradition. We live in the original values and philosophies that have been in the fabric of this experience since its inception.

We believe that through participating in bringing about an environment in which each person can feel free to be who they are, in their uniqueness and in their own style of expression, all are more likely to experience a sense of belonging and deep connection – within themselves and with one another.

We carry this tradition in our sixth decade of practice now into an on-line medium, and the challenges we all face in the twenty-first century.