The Program for Transformational Community Leadership and Communication has been in existence for over twelve years. Its initial focus has been on developing leaders in the Latino community in the San Diego area. Our concentration has been on parent groups and, indirectly, their children who are affiliated with educational committees, such as Bi-Lingual Action Committees in local schools, or with non-profits who provide support for parents and their children, or church groups.

The program is delivered in a workshop format with ten to 12 two-hour sessions, focused on helping participants learn the three communication skills upon which the Person Centered Approach is based – empathy, authenticity and unconditional positive regard – and incorporate them into their family, work and community relationships. We call this approach Transformational Leadership and Communication. Our workshops have shown this to be a powerful tool that transforms people and relationships. When used effectively, these skills can transform the person using them, while providing a space in which others in the relationship can be transformed as well.

Our program design contemplates three 24 hour workshops, which take participants to increasing levels of understanding and mastery of the skills. Workshops blend cognitive, experiential and emotional learning to develop lasting understanding and support cognitive, attitudinal and behavioral change

We are convinced that a key strength of this model lies in its ability to:

  • change the way people express themselves (language)
  • which affects thinking
  • which manifests itself in attitudes and/or emotions
  • which express themselves in behavior

Our objective is to offer this program to parent, religious and community groups interested in developing community leadership, both within and without the Latino community, as well as to the staffs of organizations providing support to these communities.

Our vision is to develop trainers who can carry on this work, expanding its reach beyond San Diego, across the U.S. and internationally. We see this as a powerful step to help realize the potential of the Person Centered Approach to transform the world, working with individuals, families and communities to create a new generation of transformational leaders.

For further information please contact Ray De Lagrave, Director, Institute for Transformational Communication.