The Natural Quest for Biosynergy – the Synergy of All Life – has been ongoing for endless eons.  Long before Aristotle’s illumination of the concept of “synergy – the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”—  explorers, seekers and scientists have witnessed earthlings from micro-organism clouds to human communities to natural ecosystems collaborating in mutual synergy for the greater good. The founders of Biosynergy Project at Center for Studies of the Person have integrated exploratory discoveries, scientific research, and traditional wisdom into an amalgam of phenomenological, empirical, and theoretical propositions that define & illuminate the fundamental driving force for optimizing life on Earth -- Biosynergy.

Biosynergy Project Enacts Earth’s Golden Rule: "Live & Love Together in Global Creative Biosynergy to Assure the Eternal Well-Becomng  of All Life in the Sacred biosphere."

Biosynergy Project at Center for Studies of the Person is a passionate place where persons who feel deep concern for the future of life on Earth can learn, share, and work together to create and apply Person-Centered Biosynergy solutions in real-world situations.  Persons of all backgrounds, professions, ages & existential interests are welcome to bring their questions, hopes & fears, and innovative ideas to bear in a panoply of Biosynergy Project programs, events, and emerging activities and interventions.

Our Project focus is primarily on mutual compassion & holistic collaborative biosynergy among humans and other living organisms. This is because humans are the most prolific and fast-spreading beings on the planet and our impact on all earth-life is profound and perilous. If we can build positive connections among humanity and all other earthlings, we may help reverse the chaos, stop the extinctions, and return the Biosphere to a state of Creative Biosynergy.

While facing great uncertainty, we believe strongly in our Mission.  If you join the Biosynergy Project in any aspect, you’ll find enthusiastic compatriots who share your concerns & dreams.  Please connect now, and participate in the personal, professional & community pursuit of a positive new world where all Life thrives in Person-Centered Biosynergy.

The earth in space with stars in the background.


“A world where humanity honors the Personhood of every Being, promotes Creative Biosynergy of Life throughout the Biosphere, & enables restoration of Sustainable Paradise in the myriad sacred ecosystems & biomes of Planet Earth.”


The Biosynergy Project and its members will pursue our positive Visions of the Future as we work to foster personal, local and global biosynergy through three new Initiatives.

  • PERSON-CENTERED BIOSYNERGY REVELATIONS of the diverse factors that suppress, restore, sustain and enhance the biosynergy of humanity & nature around the globe.
  • BIOSYNERGY GROUP ENCOUNTER manifests, examines and transforms social foundations and community dynamics from human biodomination to global biosynergy.
  • COMPASSIONATE BIOSYNERGY TRANSFORMATION to convert adverse human biodomination into positive human/nature biosynergy through compassionate interventions in urban, rural, & wilderness environments.

Biosynergy Project leaders and associates include a multicultural array of person-centered biosynergy theorists, scientists, developers, educators, counselors, ethicists and interventionists. Our decades of experience are documented in scores of books, journals, photo essays, video documentaries and new in-press manuscripts; these vital revelations will be available on the Biosynergy Internet Platform and will inform our Startup Initiative.

Self Enlightenment – Person-Centered Biosynergy Revelations There are three literary, scientific & documentary Programs of the BIOSYNERGY REVELATIONS INITIATIVE:

  • Biosynergy Resource Center
  • Monthly Biosynergy Blog
  • Person-Centered Biosynergy Symposia & Journal

Professional Grounding – Biosynergy Group Encounter person-centered  Biosynergy Expands through Escalating processes in the BIOSYNERGY ENCOUNTER INITIATIVE:

  • Social Synergy-Centered Encounter
  • Biosynergy-Based Community Development
  • Creative Eco-Spiritual Well-Becoming

Biosynergy Interventions – Compassionate Transformation Global Interventions start in 2024 with Long Term Action Research efforts in the BIOSYNERGY TRANSFORMATION INITIATIVE:

  • Compassionate Conservation Education
  • Community Based Biosynergy Management
  • Global Creative Biosynergy Transformation

Seeking & Supporting Person-Centered Biosynergy for All Life.  The above listed activities and initatives of the Biosynergy Project at CSP reflect the work of scientists, innovators and practitioners who have expanded Person-Centered research, philosophy and application into realms way beyond their original basis in client-centered clinical psychology. The leaders of the Biosynergy Project themselves emerged from fields of comparative social psychology, human ecology, botanical bioscience, cultural anthropology and sociology, organization development, spiritual counseling & psychotherapy, poetry & literature, and more to become innovators in far-flung person-centered arenas. What makes this person-centered Project and its visionary mission unique is its multidisciplinary, multicultural, cross-species, synergistic trajectory from practitioners’ office, laboratory, and meeting room out into the homes, communities, landscapes and ecosystems of “clients” from apes to ants, birds to bears, humans to horses, roses to redwoods and beyond.

A Person-Centered Revival. It is our fervent belief that these new dimensions of biosocial humanism and cross-species biosynergy will lift the Person-Centered Movement to a place of vital importance among global efforts to mitigate growing human threats to life in the biosphere of planet Earth. We recall how Center for Studies of the Person stirred an upheaval of positive personal, community, and organizational growth during the peak years of the 20th century humanistic revival. These new biosynergistic principles can build on those humanistic advances and render a stunning 21st century version of Universal Personhood that lifts humanity and all living beings to the heights of mutual actualization, as we all become Earthlife in myriad Sacred Landscapes thriving in global Biosynergy.

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