Friday, Aug. 30th – Sunday, Sept. 1st

for Module 1 of PCP Academy’s 5 Module


This PCP-Academy Course is based on the original philosophy of Carl Rogers — his practice and ideas about human being. After graduating students will be able to use the Person-Centered Approach in psychotherapy and daily communication.  We are working on granting CEU’s.

It is facilitated by the colleagues of Carl Rogers with over 40-years experience in psychotherapy, facilitating and teaching.

…the ability to be accurately empathic is something which can be developed by training. Therapists, parents, and teachers can be helped to become empathic.

Carl Rogers

American Psychologist and among the Founders of the Humanistic Approach in Psychology

Module I Aug. 30 – Sept. 1, 2024 15 hours, $250 before 7/31, $300 afterwards

– Three days of training 

combining theory and practice. An immersion in person centered therapy and the original ideas of Carl Rogers. 

– Students will learn: the theory of actualizing tendency, six basic conditions of  therapeutic contact’ and the practice of empathic understanding. 

– Practice: 

Demo sessions. Exercises and group discussion.

Module II Dates (TBA) 30 hours, $325 prior to month of, then $360

– A six-day intensive course with complete immersion in practice.

– Moments of movement in therapy, I-Thou relationships, congruence and confrontation, empathy as a means of dialogue, “as if” concept will be explored.

– Rogerian and Humanistic ideas and philosophies of approach; phenomeno- logical view and self-identity; “No” and “Q-sort”

Module III Dates available soon 30 hours, $325 prior to month of, then $360

– This module is devoted to the basic psychotherapeutic conditions as necessary and sufficient.  

– The advantages and limitations of the Person Centered Approach will also be discussed in detail.

– The practice of meeting groups (encounters) will be studied; participants will  understand the difference between large and small groups. 

– Students explore their weaknesses and strengths as psychotherapists to gain a deeper understanding of empathy and its types.

Module IV Dates TBA 30 hours, $325 prior to month of, then $360

– More fully explore your own capabilities as a  psychotherapist. 

– Consider individual therapy from a PCA perspective and the  therapist’s self-disclosure in the counseling process, the personal history of the psychotherapist and “blind spots,” the work with  resistance and with “difficult” clients, and the place of spirituality in psychotherapy and the life of a psychotherapist 

 – A deeper dive into the variety of forms of person-centered psychotherapy and the practice of individual and group therapy, and meeting groups.

Module V Dates TBA 30 hours, $325 prior to month of, then $360

– The module is dedicated to supervision. 

– The functions and roles of clinical supervision, principles and guidelines in  supervision, as well as its various models will be discussed. 

– This module will explore contextual factors and burnout in the supervision  context. 

– New demo sessions and practice.

Registration (20 spaces)

Module I

$250 early registration before 7/31. $300 afterwards

Modules II -V

$325 prior to month of Sessions, $360 afterwards

Make payment/Register  at Center For Studies Of The Person PayPal account

Contact Sandy or Antonina(Russia) for further registration and details or PCP Academy and CSP Website for more information.

Antonio Santos

Ph.D, MSCP, is a Clinical Psychologist, licensed in Brazil (CRP-01/0702) and in the USA (CA-PSY-19983).He holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology and Organizational Development, from International College in Los Angeles, California, and a post-doctorate in Psychopharmacology from Alliant International University, San Francisco, California.

Antonio worked directly as a mentee and colleague of Carl Rogers in the 70s and 80s. He is currently the co-director of Rogers’ co-founded organization, the Center for Studies of the Person, in La Jolla, California, and is a member or the American Psychological Association (APA), in the USA.

Antonio is a writer, psychotherapist, organizational consultant, coach, professor, trainer and lecturer. He has worked for the last thirty years with a cross-cultural population from different parts of the world (South and North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa). He is the author of the book Miracle Moments, and co-authored, with Dr. Carl Rogers and Dr. Maria Constanca Bowen, the book When the Heart Speaks. He also collaborated in writing the Clinical Handbook of Schizophrenia, as well as in translating the book A Course in Miracles, into Portuguese.

Will Stillwell

For over fifty years, Will Stillwell, Ph.D., has maintained a consulting practice with people in various organizations: as a coach to individuals, a facilitator for groups, and as a mediator in conflict situations. He is a partner in the Center for Study of the Person (CSP)’s Enterprise for Creative Leadership.

For thirty-five years Will has been a staff member of CSP’s The La Jolla Program.  In this capacity he facilitates encounter groups of few and many members, in the format originally pioneered by Carl Rogers. Presently a co-director, he has also taken this work to a number of foreign lands. Will also co-directs CSP’s Person-Centered Psychotherapy Course. Particularly relevant to this work is his essay and video “The Psychotherapy of Carl Rogers: How it Seems to Me.” Will is the director of the Carl R. Rogers Memorial Library at CSP as well.  

After a career as an experiential education faculty member in Behavior Sciences at several universities, Will currently is an adjunct professor with San Diego University for Integrative Studies, where he works with students on their psychotherapy skills and advanced research degrees. Among his 30 publications are 7 books and 5 video presentations. Several articles addressing his living-world — work in organizations, psychotherapy and encounter, and cross-cultural understanding — are available on-line at the Center for Studies of the Person website (Library).