This is a careful, yet spirited collection of essays, thoughts, memories and feelings by two dozen current and former members. Some personal in tone, some more theoretical or whimsical, all shine light on how it is and was to personally experience what become key moments for one’s own life. In this unique professional community influences are explored among colleagues and with wider worlds.” Edited by John Thomas Wood price $25 plus shipping etc.

In the year 2018 Center for Studies of the Person celebrates a half century of existence. That’s right, CSP is fifty years old! One of the ways we are celebrating is by publishing a book. Called “A Place To Be,” it is a collection of essays, articles, talks, memories, reflections and nonsense written by more than 30 former and present Center members. At least half the work has not been published before and was written just for this book; the other half is a sometimes provocative series of pieces we have collected from our archives and published work. It adds up to a very interesting volume that you can read and reflect on for years to come. It will also inspire you.


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