Μy journey with the Person-Centered Approach started in 2009 with meditation. Sitting quietly with myself, letting go of the many thoughts that inundated me, I started discovering who I was, and understood the power of self-compassion. I also further developed my awareness of being connected to everyone and everything.

Until I read A Way of Being in 2012, I could only describe this experiential learning with Buddhist terms: Carl Rogers not only validated my experience, but also gave me the words to share it with people outside of the Buddhist world. Most importantly, Carl’s writing showed me how everything I learned through meditation could be compassionately given to others.

Congruence, unconditional positive regard, and empathy have since been at the forefront of my personal and professional life. As a university lecturer, all my classes are student-centered, as well as based on the three core principles or sustainable development, which I consider to be the “armed” branch of empathy towards Nature.

I am currently developing a Massive Open Online Course on the PCA three core principles, a stepping stone towards a full student-centered curriculum striving for sustainable development.


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