Silvia C. Dubovoy, is the great grandmother of Olivia, grandmother of 11 grandchildren and 4 children. Has a M.A. and Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Universidad de Barcelona and is a lecturer, consultant and teacher trainer for Montessori teachers from birth to six years of age for Association Montessori Internationale. Started as a teacher since 1974 and has been working with teachers in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rica, Toronto, Vancouver and the US most of her life. Her training style is heavily influenced by Carl R. Rogers, who was a teacher, mentor and personal friend. The Living Now program was the door that opened the involvement with CSP until this time. Moved to permanently live in La Jolla to attend Roger´s lectures and workshops, attended conferences with him, in Chicago, Norwich, England and other cities including the Rust, Austria meeting, where she was one of the Spanish-English translators. All members of her family and most of the students who have become authentic, empathic and real persons are a source of joy and satisfaction. It is a privilege seeing them blossom into amazing human beings.


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