I was born on 20th of September 1960 in Stuttgart/South-west of Germany. I didn`t integrate at school very well for a whole bunch of reasons, although I tried it a lot. It took me 59 years to find out/understand, that the “illegitimate” father of my father, which was the husband of my grandmother’s younger sister, was one of three deputy SS leaders at Dachau concentration camp from 1944 to the end of the war responsible for many cruelties and deaths. He died when I was 11 years old, not without letting me before feel his insensitivity and habit to hurt.

1984: Study of social work and first contact with the person-centered approach by attending a person-centered counselling training (Gesprächsführung/personzentrierte Beratung Grundstufe). Diploma work: Music Oriented Work within the Person-Centered Approach (Musikorientiertes Arbeiten im Personen-zentrierten Ansatz).

For a while I was lost as a sympathizer of the Baader-Meinhof terrorist group, easily manipulatable in my longing for belonging and hope without recognizing the uncompromising wrong doing this group practiced.

1988: Diploma in social work, with emphasis on social-psychiatric work (never fitted in this realm of work fully). From this point of life to understand person-centeredness was an essential goal and source of my being. This has not changed till today and probably never will.

I have shorter working experiences in different bigger organizations which offer homes and support and assistance for people with disabilities. I have done a lot of different voluntary work through a longer time of my life. I know unemployment and the plight and loneliness which can grow out of it. I experienced working places outside of any social work or out of work for and with human beings. I know the work as a nursing auxiliary. On 1st of October I started a study in German with an English version available about liquid ecstasy abuse. Everybody who can contribute is warmly welcomed. A questionaire is available.