I am 19 years old and I am from Colombia. I love dance and art. I’m currently studying Visual Arts. 

I can describe myself as a very sensitive person, empathic, and values personal relationships like family and friends. I grew up in a Person Centred family, I remember my dad with his Foundation about the person centred approach, made monthly encounter groups with a lot of people and things I couldn’t understand. I received person centred values and also attended a person centred school named Colegio Montemorel that I attended from kindergarten to my last year of high school. But most of the things that I know came from experience rather than theoretical knowledge.

The beginning of my interest to know more about Carl Rogers started in my last year of High School when I decided to make my high school thesis about the Person Centred Approach in Colombian Education. I was very scared at first but during the process I enjoyed it and learned a lot and because of my work, I received an award for the best thesis of the year. I worked in a school in Colombia and other places where I had to teach english to some students that had a hard time learning. I did a lot of games and different activities and without knowing it, the kids improved a lot and also they loved the class. supposedly my dad believes that I taught using the person centred approach unconsciously.Another example is that here in the US I help a kid with spanish tutoring. He was having trouble learning spanish but when I started to help him by playing and doing fun activities, he started to like the class and also had good grades in spanish. Also I teach virtual dance classes to preschool kids in the school I graduated from in Colombia.

It’s new for me being very young and with not much theoretical knowledgement and experience. I don’t have a degree in Psychology and I am not a therapist, but I have the motivation and desire to learn more and enjoy the process.


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