I live in Japan. I encountered PCA in 1973 by taking the class of my former teacher, Gisho Saiko. He tried to teach us in learner centered way. I learned the PCA attitude a lot from him. Then I started to attend workshops. At that time Rogers’ approach, so called, “non-directive therapy,” “client-centered therapy,” “person-centered approach” was coming to Japan. We learned so much enthusiastically his approach. Many workshops and Encounter groups were held in many places. Now, it seems to me that enthusiasm became less than that time. Even though it, it’s still many workshops and encounter groups are going on. I’ve been much inspired by that.

The things I have been inspired are:

  • I have been learning the importance of “growth tendency”, “experiencing”, “congruence”, “caring”, “empathic understanding” within relationships. It’s so fruitful.
  • Affinity to Oriental thinking His approach has affinity to Eastern thought, such “the way of being,” “no-action,” “Wu-wei (Lao-tse).” I was astonished by that and it gave me (us) to think again our culture’s characters. I like his words, “My thinking and action seemed to be something of bridge between Eastern and Western thought (Rogers, A Way of Being p.41). Now I am amazed the exchanging between both are much increased. It becomes not easy to say which is Eastern, which is Western. How wonderful it is! I am interested in a new approach comes from the deep connection between Buddhism and person-centered approach, “Dharma-based person-centered approach (Gisho Saiko).
  • Helping persons’ way of being is the essential issue. PCA is not the way of doing, it is the way of being for helping persons. It has been the most important learning of my life.
  • Truly be myself I love these words. “Every one can do as he wishes, alone or in concert with others.” (Rogers, A way of Being). “To Be That Self Which One Truly is.” (Rogers, On Becoming a Person) This is the goal of my life.

I am grateful and honored by being a member of CSP. Thank you!


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