Encounter with Self is a group designed, supported and facilitated to promote personal growth through witnessing (primarily listening and observing oneself in a “sacred I space”) and a sharing of self in a sacred “we space” of a group encounter. Our time also will provide opportunities for intermittent silent introspection. This group integrates self-reflection with the sharing of self. By making internal self perceptions visible to others, others can witness that experience in themselves.

Using quiet silent reflection invites participants to become increasingly more aware of parts of themselves. By sharing one’s self, members connect with the self that they perceive in others, can examine those parts in depth, and create opportunities for broader and deeper self-realization.

The present group meets twice a week, once to process and share outwardly the parts of the self that have emerged or are emerging and a second time for a shorter, shared silent or guided reflection and meditation. By witnessing self together, this community both honors and supports one another’s personal growth journeys.

Our current group has become a stable community and is closed to new members. Our new group will start as soon as we have at least ten members. We will be meeting at two pm EST two times a month. The meetings will be One & half hours. The cost for join this group is $15 dollars a session. We are asking participants to make a three month commitment in order to support the development of the group as a community.

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