Tea at 3 . . .for members of CSP!

Let’s get together on Zoom . Can we meet for just an hour? Let’s stop for a while and have a cup of tea. Or today maybe coffee or glass of wine would be better?

We are going to call it “Tea at 3” but any drink you prefer is fine. And we decided to meet at . . . instead because of time differences and our schedules.

The idea behind this is that maybe it is mid day or the end of the day and you just would like be with and talk with other members of CSP or past members of CSP? Maybe you are not sure what you want to talk about but you do know you want to stop and just be. And just be with others in a relaxing setting just to see what comes up with other CSP members.

So come on in and see who is hanging out here. Ale, Eileen and Pat are meeting just to relax with one another with no agenda. Is it encounter group? Well, no. We just want to be with each and talk. Maybe we will have questions about our work. Or maybe we want to bring up what we are up to as we are living our life.

This is an invitation to join us and build a sense of community among our members and people interested in the ideas of Carl Rogers, Eugene Gendlin, and others in the field of humanistic and transpersonal psychology. That’s what we have in common but perhaps we find we have much more in common. Maybe we discover our differences and we become energized from those differences.

Hope to see you May ???, 2023 at ??? pm. Please join us. We would like to see you! Here is your Zoom Invitation.

If this is of interest to you, please sign up.