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The La Jolla Program

July 23 (Monday) -- 30 (Monday), 2018


All of us are frequently challenged by issues such as current and hoped-for relationships, careers, job changes, boss or employees, schooling, health, love life, kids’ successes and problems, parents, spirituality, and countless others. Yet many of us do not have safe, supportive environments where we can discuss or share our experiences and concerns.

The La Jolla Program sponsors gatherings of people asking themselves how to deal with these challenges, bringing helpful insight into how it works, seeking contributions from you and other peers, and carrying creative solutions within themselves. It’s about you and me and us.

"To let go my self-concept of having to be perfect, then to accept, to express what is in me; all this is so incredibly relaxing, and it creates space and energy for things more valuable."
— Elisabeth, a participant

In late July 2018 we’ll meet and be accommodated for a week at the Conference Center in beautiful Silver Falls State Park in the Cascade Mountain foothills of Oregon, USA. Workshop days are typically made up of small facilitated groups, community meetings of all of us, and optional activities that grow out of the interests of community members. Time is set aside for self-directed recreation and tasty group meals. The days and evenings are long and full.

For more than half a century The La Jolla Program has been at the world forefront in practicing our versions of interpersonal encounter. We convene together facing one another, using the opportunity to talk and otherwise communicate.

Our aim is to understand and experience our personal relatedness to happenings that concern us. Our conversations develop toward more essential sincerity but certainly do not lack humor. People actually listen, and each hears herself as who she is more deeply and subtly.

We come to know our lives better and meet other people in a more significant and heartfelt way.

The La Jolla Program staff members are experienced in knowing how people can learn the keys to enhanced communications. Being present face-to-face with other people opens our aural and visual and imaginative worlds, opens our emotional and cognitive bodily responses, enlarges my and your self.

We are convinced that given the appropriate environmental and psychological conditions, people possess the capacity to recognize perceptions of themselves and of their reality, and to make creative and constructive life-transitions. We endeavor to facilitate your finding your way to deal successfully in important and frequent challenges.

Our goal during these workshops is to share, risk, and learn to build safe and supportive personal and social environments together.

"This is a place for accelerated evolution."
— Jim, a participant


July 23 (Monday) -- 30 (Monday), 2018

  Friends and Potential Participants:

Expenses for The La Jolla Program, July 23-30 2018 in Silver Falls, Oregon. LJP administrators have attempted to keep the costs down at Silver Falls for all participants. And for the last few years of this seven-day residential program, our expenses have been met because individuals’ generous donations have overcome our budget deficits. This year I’ve had some financial consultations and we’re trying a slightly different approach.

We will ask you to pay the per-person cost charged by the Silver Falls facility to each of us.

We also intend, with our tuition, to cover expenses for the facilitators, Will and Keddie. This is where we have some wiggle-room, depending on the number of people who enroll. More people, lower tuition. Tuition will be between 225.00 and 300.00.

You may enroll by paying the $300 Tuition by PayPal (or by credit card or check). I hope we shall be able to refund to you or a more financially-strapped person some of this tuition. This payment will reserve your space in the Program until June 1. Your complete tuition will be returned if you withdraw before June 1, 2018.

If your room choice is important to you now, please pay the cost of your room and board selection, and the $300 tuition charge.

— Will Stillwell, Co-Director La Jolla Program

Single Room/Board

Double Occupancy Room/Board


More in information avaliable at https://www.lajollaprogram.online.

NOTE: If you wish to pay by check instead of PayPal (or if you are having trouble with PayPal as some people have told us) you may do so.

Here is the address to mail your check:

Please make your check payable to:

Center For Studies of The Person - La Jolla Program
1150 Silverado St., Suite #207
La Jolla, CA 92037

Please include your email address or phone number on the check so we can communicate with you on any details needed.

It'd be great to hear from you in person, too:
Will Stillwell: awstillwell@sbcglobal.net
Keddie Burrows: justkeddie@yahoo.com

Thank You!


We began with the active participation of Carl Rogers, one of America’s most influential psychologists. The Program continues to follow in the client centered/person centered tradition associated with Dr. Rogers.

The La Jolla Program features your development in listening skills, aptitude for empathy, self-awareness, and the understanding of others while meeting new people, making new friends and having a good time.

Many attendees from all over the world tell us, even years after their experience, that the Program was one of the most constructive and life enhancing experiences of their lives.


For more information please contact https://www.lajollaprogram.online.

For a number of years, the LA JOLLA PROGRAMME has convened each spring in the United Kingdom. This year, 2018, we’ll meet between April, 21-29
St. Rita’s Conference Center
Honiton, Devon, U.K.

For information and registration please click on www.lajollaprogramme.co.uk.

2017 Silver Falls Oregon   •   Reflections   •   Will Stillwell

We want to flow—out into acceptance and trust; out from vigilance and fear. I've been working with people in The La Jolla Program for more than thirty years, many events. We brought to our gathering in Silver Falls this summer many of the usual La Jolla Program factors; a wide variety of ages, nationalities, and familiarities with encounter experiences. Yet our meeting seemed singular to me.

Perhaps I and others there pursued our differences, within and between and among ourselves. Perhaps we came to appreciate and, yes, love another person because of and in spite of contrasts in values, life-choices, and statuses. Perhaps we each accepted, recognized, and partook with one another (and ourselves) our steps toward fulfillment and assurance in our being.

Perhaps in our encounters it is indeed easy to flow into joy of our own perfect/imperfect lives. I feel The La Jolla Program a social occasion and place where people may freely express love, joy, hostility, pain and grudges among other people who might really listen; and from that listening, might truly acknowledge and respond...where all present are open to effort in expanding our self-appreciation, and learning our vigilance and flowing outward.

CSP 50th Anniversary
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